The Henry Best House was built around the mid-eighteenth century in the Fort Run community. Early settlers used the creek for transportation of people and goods, so the area was certainly booming. Benjamin Williams Best was born in this area in 1818.


Benjamin W. Best was the youngest of 11 children, and was born into the home built by his prominent father, Robert and mother, Elizabeth. Upon his father’s death, Best inherited the property and eventually lived there with his wife, Susan Louisa Exum, and their ten children. Best moved northwest after the birth of their sixth child.
The property began to be managed by Best’s son John Robert around 1880. Although some land had been sold, 800 acres remained and continued to be successful enough for Best to be listed as one of Bull Head Township’s nine successful farmers.

Best’s sister-in-law purchased the house and land after his death in 1890. After renting the house out for several years, she sold the house to Paul M. Best in 1902. A photo of the family’s reunion shows Paul Best and his five surviving sons in front of the home’s entrance. By the mid-twentieth century the house had been sold out of the Best family.
Threatened with destruction in 1997, The Benjamin W. Best House was preserved by Preservation North Carolina. Eventually it was purchased by Ossie and Mary Betty Kearney, who moved it to another site (10 miles south).

The Benjamin W. Best House has been completely renovated to its original status and was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in February 2006. The working farm is open to those looking for a comfortable stay or to hold events.
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